Our colour changing Mermaid Mantra Polypro hoop will give you hardcore mermaid vibes. Made with 19mm Polypo tubing this hoop is lined with teal blue 6mm grip tape for extra grippy goodness.  The Mermaid Mantra hoop changes colour from deep ocean blues and purples to seaweed to greens in different lighting and is connected by two aluminimum blind pop rivets & a polypro connector. Handmade by our founder Emma, this hoop is sure make your hooping feel & look incredible and is a great addition to your hoop collection.




Made with 19mm (5'8) Polypro Tubing. 


85cm (33.46) diameter measured Inner Diameter (ID)


Weighs approx 300g (10.5oz) 


Mermaid Mantra Polypro Hoop

  • Available in 80cm & 85cm Inner Diameter.


    Dispatch from Brisbane Australia 1 - 2 weeks.

    We currently only ship our products within Australia. 

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