All of our hoops are handmade with lots of hoopy love in Brisbane, Australia

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Beginner & Fitness Hula Hoops

Just starting on your hoop Jounrey?

Check out our range of beginner and Fitness Hoops.

Polypro / Performance Hoops & Accessories

Our Polypro & Performance hoops are perfect for stepping up your hoop game & taking your skills to the next level.


Hip Hoop Hooray Kids

Getting the kiddos active & having fun is easy with our kids hoop range.

Size Guide

Deciding what hoop size you need can be tricky!

So here is a helpful guide to help you choose the best size for you.



For beginners who want to learn how to hula hoop on their body, we suggest a hoop that is 85-95cm in diameter from our beginner range. The hoop should to come up to approximately your hip. If you are taller, larger, or brand new to hooping, then a 100cm diameter hoop will work best for you.


Below are our recommendations for childrens hoop sizing. If you are in between sizes we suggest sizing up because children grow!

2 - 4 year olds - 65cm

4 - 6 year olds - 70cm

6 - 10 year olds - 75cm / 80cm

Please contact us if you are still unsure about hoop sizing - we will be happy to help!