We LOVE hula hoops! Can't you tell?

We are a fun and vibrant Brisbane based company with a dream to share our love for hula hoops and fitness with the world.

We love hooping and the incredible benefits that it has on both body and mind.

It may be a plastic circle or kids toy to some, but to us it's freedom, expression, fitness, movement and most of all FUN!


Hip Hoop Hooray began in 2014 when Circus Performer, and Personal Trainer (also our Founder) Emma Black decided that she wanted to share her passion and joy for Fitness and Hooping with others. She began with a background in circus and making hula hoops for friends as gifts.

Her handmade hoops as well as her workshops, classes, online tutorials and performances grew in popularity & turned Hip Hoop Hooray into the thriving and bubbly company that it is today.

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We are based in Brisbane, Australia but travel A LOT!

So email us if you have any questions.

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